The Foundation believes that modern capital formation is an essential element of positive development in communities and needs to be universally available, independent of social strata or nationality. We believe we can decentralize monetary creation for the whole world (a decentral bank). To that end, we developed and are marketing the FF  SuperCoin, the first born in a new category of accretive tokens. SuperCoins mix aspects of Store of Value from Bitcoin, capital formation from Ethereum, Modern Monetary Theory precepts, and uses state of the art Market-Making on liquid exchanges to achieve real world financing for responsible communities. The tokens are fractionally asset backed resulting is particular supply and demand tokenomics of finite supply and endogenously growing demand, aka a SuperCoin. 



This whitepaper explores the relationship between Modern Monetary Theory, Open Source Development, and Digital Asset creation, explicating a path forward for community-based value creation.


Read about how Ab-Initio value creation is made possible by private groups using advances in technology as featured in Forbes Magazine.

Research Initiatives

FF SuperCoins™

SuperCoins™ provide a hybrid feature set combining “store of value” functions of Bitcoin, the ease and speed of large scale fund formation like Ethereum (ICOs) and exhibiting  accretive asset-backing. It mixes real world backing with the upside potential of standard cryptocurrencies. Their  peculiar tokenomics have a finite supply and growing endogenous demand.  

Accretive Tokens

FF SuperCoins are fractionally backed by a mix of HODL/cash, debt/staking, and equity, fund of fund all in one liquid instrument.  A SuperCoin is put in circulation with a backing asset that pays it’s face value and then some. The FF SuperCoin is thus an accretive instruments as opposed to the dilution of Bitcoin type coins.

Ab-Initio Capital Formation

In conjunction, the OSF Foundation’s research into these fields seeks to understand methodologies being applied globally for the formation of community driven capital. Efforts to address economic inequality (as measured by GINI Index), green technology, deep tech, and more are supported by the OSF Foundation.


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